Life Align Explained

After practicing chiropractic and wellness care since 1998, it has become very obvious that lasting transformation only happens with many small changes in habits over long periods of time. Most changes that impact our health are habitual habits practiced over long periods. I am here to tell you that your habits are firmly in place today and that you are excellent at carrying them out. The question is, are these the habits that are going to move you towards vibrant energy, creative expression and the full human experience that a healthy, strong body and mind deserve? 52 Weeks to Life Align is about creating new, small, constructive habits that when added together over one year, two years, five years, lead to a richer and fuller expression of who you can be as a human being, what you can experience and how you live your life. I am now celebrating my first year of walking to work. The first two weeks last fall were really challenging in the creation of this new habit. Soon enough, I couldn’t imagine not doing so. My body loves me for it!

week two

Learn to be still. The average person doesn’t spend even 30 minutes a month in total silence and tranquility. Develop the skill of sitting quietly, enjoying the powerful silence for at least ten minutes a day. Simply think about what is important to you in your life. Reflect on your mission. Silence indeed is golden. As a Zen master once said, it is the space between the bars that holds the cage.

week one

Laugh for five minutes in the mirror each morning. Steve Martin does. Laughter activates many beneficial chemicals within the body that place us into a very joyous state. Laughter also returns the body to a state of balance. Laughter therapy has been regularly used to heal persons with varied ailments and is a wonderful tonic for life’s ills. While the average 4 year old laughs 500 times a day, the average adult is lucky to laugh 15 times a day.  Revitalize the habit of laughter; it will put far more living into your life.