My Healing Philosophy & Practice Approach

  1. I touch people. (Chiropractic means “done by hand”)
  2. I listen (to what comes out of your mouth).
  3. I listen (to what comes from your body). Mysterious blocks are often hidden here.
  4. I facilitate the release of tension through chiropractic adjustments and energy work.
  5. I understand that healing and change require time for integration and evolution. I am patient.
  6. I help you be patient and understanding of your process.
  7. I help you focus on all that is possible and help you remove your physical and emotional barriers.
  8. I like to focus on what’s working and help you focus on the same.
  9. I have a tremendous appreciation for the human body.
  10. I love what I do.

Adjusting Hours:

Mondays: noon – 5:30 pm
Wednesdays: 8 am-noon and 4 pm – 5:30 pm
Fridays: 8 am – noon


Initial Exam: $150
X-Ray Report: $60-75
Chiropractic Adjustment: $50
Neurofunctional Acupuncture: $25 – $100 when done with an adjustment
Neurofunctional Treatment: $300/hour

We Welcome New Patients (practice members):

New patients are seen mid mornings and mid afternoons as we like to have plenty of time to meet you and go through your initial history and examination.  Please download, print and fill out this paperwork BEFORE your first appointment to maximize your time with the Doctor.  (2015 New Patient Form) (Childrens-Intake-Form)

Book an Appointment:

To book an appointment to see me, please call the office at 416-920-7275
or email my assistant Shahreen at and she will be happy to help you!
If booking by email please be aware that she will only be able to respond during our office hours on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
You may also contact me at my personal email:


What to Expect

Before you come for your first appointment we will ask you to fill out an intake form [insert button to paperwork] that will help Dr. Metz understand not only your health history but the bigger picture: your lifestyle, passions, and goals.

Your first visit will be a chance for you and Dr. Metz to get to know one another.  When you arrive, Dr. Metz’s assistant will greet you and take the intake form you filled out in advance. While you get settled into one of our comfortable practice rooms Dr. Metz will read over the information you brought in. She will then spend 45 minutes getting to know you better which will include asking you questions, hearing your concerns, and doing an examination of your spine. On this occasion you will be asked to put on a gown (leaving your undergarments on) so that she can better see how your spine is moving. Dr. Metz’s assistant will be present for this part of your appointment to take notes. At the end of the appointment Dr. Metz will write a requisition for full spinal x-rays and her assistant will assist you in booking your second appointment: your Report of Findings.

Your Report of Findings will happen on your second visit. When you arrive you will give your x-rays to Dr. Metz’s assistant and she will prepare them for viewing. Dr. Metz will go over your x-rays with you as well as her findings and recommendations based on your initial appointment. You will be given a copy of these reports to take away with you after the appointment. At this point Dr. Metz will give you more information about the way chiropractic works, and her recommendations for your care. All of this will take 30-45 minutes.

Regular visits are much shorter than your first two visits. You can expect to be here for about 15 minutes. When you come to be adjusted you will sign in and be given a room. You will be asked to remove anything you might have in your pockets and any bulky jewelry that might interfere with the adjustment. You will then have a few minutes to relax. Dr. Metz will come in to adjust you, then invite you to relax for a few more minutes alone in the room before carrying on with your day.

Progress exams will be scheduled every 18-24 visits. When you arrive you will be asked to fill out some paperwork which gives you and Dr. Metz a chance to reflect on how things have improved since you’ve been under chiropractic care. Although you will not be asked to put on a gown as you did on your first visit, Dr. Metz will repeat the same tests with you to see how things are progressing. Once all this is done, Dr. Metz will adjust you as she would at any appointment. You can expect to be here for about 20 minutes on progress report days.