Inspirational Habits

I have been a student for my entire life.  I love learning and gleaning from the experience of others.  I have had (created) the pleasure and opportunity of attending countless seminars, listening to hundreds of hours of audio books, and developing relationships that continuous expand my personal growth.  My belief system is simple.  I believe that thoughts create emotions and that these emotions determine attitudes which then influence our behaviours.  Repetition of behaviours create our habits and ultimately, impact our actions and life experience.  I love to learn about business.  I love to learn about health.  I love to learn about adventure.  Here is a list of my circle of influence:

Northern Karate (

Rosanne & Oliver Metz-Strauss at Northern Karate

My 30′s involved a lot of yoga.  After 40, I decided a wanted to strive toward a tangible fitness goal, something that in the past seemed unattainable.  So I began my Karate practice.  My initial goal was to become a purple belt (white, yellow, orange, green, blue, blue advanced and then comes purple).  Now that I am here, I realize that it is “the path” toward attaining the goal that has been (and continues to be) my gift.   The process deepens my understanding of time + commitment = desired results.  And the results are well beyond the idea of attaining black belt status.  The weekly commitments to training, the evident improvements in my strength and endurance, the pride in gaining new skills is what is really thrilling for me.  The staff at Northern Karate is exceptional and I learn from them at every class.

Book Recommendations (many of these I listen to in audio format)

where to find excellent audio books: iTunes,,

Jack Canfield

Mark Victor-Hanson

Jeff Olsen – The Slight Edge

Brian Tracy

Jim Rohn

Rhonda Byrne