Our practice members share their personal stories about chiropractic

Stay Positive, Believe in Yourself  - “I no longer get migraine headaches and I can think clearer.  I don’t get as stressed anymore, rarely have anxiety and my depression has subsided.  The numbness in my right arm has almost gone away.  My quality of life has improved a lot.  I’m more positive about life in general.  I have shared my results with family, freinds, co-workers and anyone that will listen really.  I believe in chiropractic care and by my success and improvements.”  Christina, under regular chiropractic care since 2006

Lifting the Fog - “I had injuried my lower back and was in incredible pain before I began chiropraactic care.  Sitting was very difficult and I was not able to work.  Now I am pain free, which is wonderful…. but the BEST improvement for me has been the lifting of the fog that I was in.  I am taking better care of myself, listening more carefully to my body and I am very thankful for my mobility and body in general.  I now experience moments of extreme happiness for no obvious reason!  I have shared my results with anyone who will listen to me.  I have encouraged everyone I know to seek chiropractic care because it is preventative and wellness based.” Laurie, under regular chiropractic care since 2008

Enjoying the best of childhood - “Since beginning chiropractic care, my son has shown a lot of physical and mental progress.  He sleeps better at night, is less sensitive to touch in the neck and hair areas, is chewing better and his food texture sensitivity has diminished.  He is more confident to try new things, to push himself to overcome his fears, to make new friends and enjoy more play dates.  Overall, he is happier and less stressed at school and at home.” Steph, both she and her 13 year old son have been under regular chiropractic care since 2008

Best Benefit: the improvement in my temperament - “I had been seeing excellent chiropractor for more than 20 years.  I was not a very good patient.  I only went a few times a year and only when I was in real trouble… report card season, the occasional injury etc.  I got serious about my care in 2008 when I was offered a long term project in self improvement and I became a better patient.  I can do stretches I have never been able to do before easily, my neck is definitely improving.  My knees do not complain about the subway stairs anymore.  But I think the best benefit so far is the improvement in my temperament.  I was prone to crankiness and irritability.  I think that struggle is down by about 95%!”  Rita, under regular care since 2008

“After a chiropractic adjustment, I am much more relaxed and feel like a grounded happy Mama.”

Optimizing health before surgery - “Prior to my throat surgery I was having chiropractic adjustments every other day as I wanted to be as healthy as possible before going under the knife. I knew that having a well moving body (especiaIly the neck region) would facilitate my recovery and release any physical and emotional tension my body was experiencing.  After the surgery, my chiropractic adjustments rapidly helped restore the mobility to my neck region.  I believe that my chiropractic experience led to my quick recovery.  I was back to my normal routine  within weeks.  My friends and colleagues were amazed at my pace of recovery .  Its been 6 weeks since the surgery and I’m back to my regular exercise regime 3 times a week!  Beth, under regular care for since 2010

“I used to consider myself an insomniac.  Now I get a full night sleep almost nightly.  Who would have thought!”

Listen to your body - “I was experiencing severe stiffness at the waist, forward bending was very constricted.  I had tightness in my shoulders, head hunched and slumping posture.  I chose to seek chiropractic care because it had done tremendous work in healing my wife’s Bell Palsy.  Now, my flexibility has improved tremendously, my posture is more upright!  I share my experience and results with friends and work colleagues when I hear about their problems.  I am confident chiropractic care can help.” Cal, under regular chiropractic care since 2005

“My unexpected benefits are clear thinking, focus, concentration and positive attitude!”

“Chronic heartburn took a hike!”

“8 years of being drug free!  My immune system is strong enough to fight off whatever is “going around” and I am happy, healthy and well adjusted!”

“I think I will get a dog!”